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Hard Shell Case
Personal Safety Device

The hardwire version of the SAS system features a hardwire receiver that alerts you via your vehicles horn. How it works: The SAS-RC lets you know when the perimeter of your work site is breached, alerting you to get out of the way! When the air hose is run over it sends a wireless signal to the receiver wired to your vehicles horn, cycling for about 10 seconds. This gives you a moments notice to get out of the way of the traffic that could otherwise be coming right for you. 

NOW AVAILABLE WITH THE PERSONAL ANKLE ALERT SYSTEM.... Receive a vibration and an audio alert via ear bud. Strap the alert system onto your arm, insert the ear bud, and you will not only receive a strong vibration, but also an audible alert about dangerous oncoming traffic. Just another innovation from TowMate! 

Increase your roadside safety with the new "Safety Alert System."