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SafeAll Snatch Block with Swivel Shackle

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SafeAll snatch blocks are indispensable tools for towing and recovery operations, off-road adventures, and material handling tasks. Designed to withstand rigorous demands, these snatch blocks are strength-tested for durability and are color-coded in SafeAll’s signature green hue for easy identification.

Available in three sizes, each snatch block comes equipped with a swivel shackle and is capable of pulling loads ranging from 2 tons to 8 tons. They excel in redirecting the pulling angle of winch lines, effectively doubling pulling capacities in many instances. The swivel design allows for flexible adjustment of ropes or slings under tension, enhancing operational versatility.

Featuring a single pulley or sheave enclosed by two protective teardrop-shaped side plates, these snatch blocks ensure secure and efficient performance. A release pin with a cotter key facilitates easy access to the inner pulley for rope insertion.

Crafted from premium materials, each pulley boasts bronze bushings and a grease zerk for regular maintenance and resistance to rust. Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope, these snatch blocks accommodate line diameters ranging from 5/16” to 3/4".

Key Features:
- Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope
- Two sheave sizes: 3”-6”
- Working Load Limit: 2 ton-8 ton
- Compatible wire rope size: 5/16”-3/4"
- Swivel shackle for enhanced flexibility
- Dual labeled ratings for clarity
- Bronze bushings for smooth operation
- Grease zerk for easy maintenance
- Painted yellow for visibility and corrosion resistance

Available in the following sizes

Item# Size WLL
SA-SB2T3SW 3" 2 Ton
SA-SB4T4SW 4" 4 Ton
SA-SB8T6SW 6" 8 Ton
  • SA-SB2T3SW
  • SA-SB4T4SW
  • SA-SB8T6SW