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SafeAll Replacement "Dog Bone" Short Strap

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Introducing SafeAll's Replacement "Dog Bone" Short Strap, seamlessly compatible with the SafeAll 8-Pt. Tie-Down Kit for car carriers and various other brands. Engineered with a distinctive shape and design, this strap guarantees optimal tensioning, effectively preventing vehicle shifting or damage during transit. By integrating this strap into your tie-down process, you streamline operations, saving valuable time and effort during loading and unloading.

Highlighted by reinforced eyes, abrasion-resistant webbing, and finished edging, this short strap boasts resilience against cuts, tears, and stretching. These features ensure the strap maintains its integrity and performance, even in demanding conditions. Renowned for its enduring durability and reliability, this strap also offers reflective stitching for enhanced visibility in low-light environments. Additionally, the PVB coating provides resistance against grease, grime, and road spray.

- Width: 2"
- Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs.
- Reinforced eyes
- Abrasion-resistant
- Finished edges
- Reflective stitching
- PVB coating