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SafeAll Remote Actuator

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Enhance the capabilities of your SafeAll Proportional Remote Control System by integrating additional actuators into your car carrier's hydraulic linkages. Each sealed actuator is encased in a rugged, weatherproof shell, ensuring durability and resilience against harsh road conditions. Bluetooth technology facilitates actuator synchronization and calibration, enabling seamless operation. Should you wish to expand control functionalities in the future, individual actuators can be conveniently purchased separately.

Key Features:
- Expand existing remote systems with ease.
- Robust, weatherproof shell ensures durability and longevity.
- Bluetooth technology streamlines actuator synchronization and calibration processes.
- Backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Included Hardware:
- (1) Pushrod clevis with (1) snap pin and (1) jam nut
- (1) C-bracket with (2) U-bolts and nuts