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SafeAll Grade 80 Bulk Chain

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Introducing SafeAll's Grade 80 Bulk Chain, forged from robust alloy steel and engineered for versatile applications, including overhead lifting, offloading freight, industrial hoists, and roadside recoveries. Available by the foot, this chain is coated with a protective gray finish for enhanced durability and longevity, meeting rigorous NACM, ASTM, and OSHA safety standards.

Sold by the foot, this chain offers cost-effective flexibility, allowing you to order only the length required for your specific needs. Available in four sizes—5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch—each size is carefully selected to promote optimal performance and safety on the job.

With an impressive Safety Factor of 4:1, this chain is designed to withstand four times its Working Load Limit (WLL), safeguarding against load shock and shifting. Approved for overhead lifting, it ensures safe usage in various lifting applications.

Choose SafeAll's Grade 80 Bulk Chain for reliable performance and peace of mind in your lifting and securing operations.

- Four sizes available: 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8"
- Approved for overhead lifting
- Safety Factor: 4:1
- Meets NACM, ASTM, and OSHA standards
- Alloy steel construction
- Protective gray coating
- Sold by the foot

Available Sizes and Working Load Limits:
- 5/16": Grade 80, WLL 4,500 lbs., Break Strength 18,800 lbs.
- 3/8": Grade 80, WLL 7,100 lbs., Break Strength 28,400 lbs.
- 1/2": Grade 80, WLL 12,000 lbs., Break Strength 48,000 lbs.
- 5/8": Grade 80, WLL 18,100 lbs., Break Strength 72,400 lbs.

  • SA-516G8 
  • SA-38G8
  • SA-12G8
  • SA-58G8