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SafeAll Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch

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Introducing SafeAll's Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook, available in three sizes to cater to your specific tie-down requirements. Whether you're in construction, transportation, agriculture, or any other industry, we've got the perfect size for you. Crafted from high-quality materials, these forged hooks boast a Safety Factor of 3:1, with the grade and Working Load Limit (WLL) conveniently stamped for easy identification on the job.

Our Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook stands out for its exceptional strength and secure grip, making it suitable for handling various workloads with ease. Its slip design allows for swift and secure attachment to chains, straps, or other tie-down anchor points, ensuring a reliable connection every time. Equipped with a safety latch, this hook prevents accidental slippage, enhancing safety during operations.

Meeting or surpassing all relevant industry regulations and safety standards, this hook offers peace of mind with every use. Rigorously tested for maximum load capacity and durability, it excels even in the most demanding environments. The clevis design guarantees a secure connection, minimizing the risk of accidents. Please note that this hook is not approved for overhead lifting.

- Grade: 70
- Available Sizes: 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"
- Safety Factor: 3:1
- Yellow zinc plated
- WLL: Refer to drop-down menu
- Grade and WLL stamped for identification
- Safety latch included

Available Sizes and Working Load Limits:
- 5/16": Grade 70, WLL 4,300 lbs.
- 3/8": Grade 70, WLL 5,250 lbs.
- 1/2": Grade 70, WLL 9,000 lbs.

  • SA516G7CSHL
  • SA38G7CSHL
  • SA12G7CSHL