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SafeAll Grade 100 Bulk Chain

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Introducing SafeAll's Grade 100 Bulk Chain—a sturdy alloy steel chain designed for a variety of heavy-duty applications, including overhead lifting, industrial hoists, and roadside recoveries. Available for purchase by the foot, this chain is crafted with durability and safety in mind, featuring a protective gray coating for extended longevity.

Meeting NACM, ASTM, and OSHA standards, this chain ensures compliance with rigorous safety regulations. With a Safety Factor of 4:1, it offers enhanced protection against load shock and shifting, providing peace of mind during lifting operations.

Sold by the foot, this chain offers cost-effective flexibility, allowing you to order only the length you need for your specific application. Available in three sizes—3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch—each size is carefully selected to promote optimal performance and safety on the job.

- Approved for overhead lifting
- Safety Factor: 4:1
- Meets NACM, ASTM, and OSHA standards
- Alloy steel construction
- Protective gray coating
- Sold by the foot

Available Sizes and Working Load Limits:
- 3/8 inch: Grade 100, WLL 8,800 lbs., Break Strength 35,200 lbs.
- 1/2 inch: Grade 100, WLL 14,740 lbs., Break Strength 58,960 lbs.
- 5/8 inch: Grade 100, WLL 22,000 lbs., Break Strength 88,000 lbs.

  • SA-38G10
  • SA-12G10
  • SA-58G10