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SafeAll Driveline Pro

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Introducing SafeAll's innovative Driveline Pro, the ultimate solution for effortless removal and securement of commercial truck driveshafts during towing or maintenance tasks. Say goodbye to back strain and potential injuries caused by heavy lifting – the Driveline Pro simplifies the process, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Designed to cradle the driveshaft securely during removal, the Driveline Pro prevents accidents by securely holding the driveshaft in place. Whether you're towing or performing maintenance, this versatile tool is indispensable for tow operators and truck mechanics alike.

Using the Driveline Pro is straightforward and tool-free. Simply wedge the hanger bar between the truck's frame rails, ensuring a snug fit with the padded C-brackets. Secure the synthetic rope under the driveshaft and clip both ends onto the hanger bar, adjusting tension as needed. The flexible synthetic rope allows for easy adjustments, accommodating various positions for safe travel. Additionally, a second synthetic rope ensures lateral securement along the driveshaft's length.

Compact and lightweight, the Driveline Pro tool kit conveniently fits in your wrecker body or toolbox, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it. Plus, with snap clips and cinch ratchets for quick installation, you'll save time and effort on the job.

Key Features:
- Convenient adjustment for driveshaft repositioning
- Tool-free adjustable hanger bar for easy installation
- Snap clips and cinch ratchets for quick setup
- Lightweight and user-friendly design
- Covered by a 1-year warranty