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SafeAll 8 Point Tie-Down with Twisted Snap Hooks

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Introducing SafeAll's 8-Point Tie-Down Kit—a complete solution meticulously crafted to cater to all your vehicle securement necessities. This kit boasts twisted snap hooks alongside four winch straps, four ratchets, and four dog bone straps, providing you with the essential arsenal for ensuring the secure transportation of your towed or hauled vehicle—embracing the tires securely, never letting go.

Designed with reflective properties to heighten visibility in low-light environments, the durable 2" winch straps within this kit are forged from top-tier webbing, engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions, from road spray to dirt, rain, and snow. Coated with PVB to resist grease, grime, chemicals, and UV rays, and featuring finished edges to thwart cuts and abrasions, these straps epitomize durability.

Furthermore, the kit includes four ratchets, pivotal for precise tensioning and securing of the straps. Facilitated by a ratcheting mechanism, tightening the straps is effortless, ensuring optimal tension for vehicle securement. With these ratchets at your disposal, achieving the ideal balance of strength and tightness becomes second nature, firmly anchoring your vehicle in place.

For enhanced adaptability, the kit incorporates four dog bone straps—specially crafted to furnish additional anchor points and securement alternatives. Designed to accommodate various wheel sizes, these straps offer flexibility, allowing for seamless adjustments as required.

- Four (4) winch straps
- Four (4) ratchets
- Four (4) dog bone straps
- Available length: 14'
- Width: 2"
- Twisted snap hooks
- Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs. per wheel
- Abrasion-resistant webbing
- Finished edges
- PVB coating
- Reflective straps