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SafeAll V-Strap Assembly with Twisted Snap Hooks

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Presenting the SafeAll V-Strap Assembly, featuring a low-profile design and equipped with a Twisted Snap Hook for efficient loading and unloading of disabled vehicles onto a car carrier. An oblong link connects the hook to the reinforced webbing at the end of each leg, while a pear link at the center creates a horizontal plane for winching.

This low-profile design ensures improved undercarriage clearance, facilitating safe and efficient vehicle loading. With ample room to maneuver, tow operators can navigate obstacles with confidence, minimizing the risk of damage to the carrier bed or the customer's vehicle.

Each 4-foot leg of the V-strap assembly is furnished with a twisted snap hook, reinforced with durable webbing, providing a secure attachment point for connecting to the disabled vehicle. The twisted snap hook guarantees a strong and stable connection, reducing the risk of detachment during the loading process.

Consistent with SafeAll's quality standards, the 2-inch wide straps are PVB coated to withstand grease, grime, and road spray. Finished edges resist cuts, tears, and abrasions, while reflective stitching enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

- Leg lengths: 4 feet
- Reinforced webbing at each end
- Pear link at center
- Twisted snap hook
- Low-profile design
- Improved undercarriage clearance
- PVB coating
- Finished edges
- Abrasion-resistant
- Reflective stitching