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SafeAll Traffic Commander

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Prioritize roadside safety with the SafeAll Traffic Commander message board, an essential tool for creating a secure environment for you and your team working in traffic zones. Equipped with industry-leading LED variable message signs, this truck-mounted unit empowers you to take control of traffic situations when law enforcement support may be unavailable.

Designed to grab attention, the Traffic Commander features 18" T amber block letters against a contrasting black backdrop, meeting federal regulations for roadside signage. With legibility up to 1,000 feet and visibility up to 4,000 feet, drivers have ample time to react, promoting safer navigation around your work area.

Versatile and efficient, the Traffic Commander serves as a three-in-one traffic advisor: a 4 LED brick message board, an 18-LED light bar, and an LED arrow stick, all powered by a single actuator for swift deployment. Its digital sign board mounts easily to your wrecker or truck, with wiring included for seamless integration into your vehicle's electrical system.

Wirelessly operated via an included tablet, the Traffic Commander offers quick access to pre-programmed safety messages and customizable options. With its weatherproof construction and vibration-resistant design, this unit is built to withstand demanding conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Whether you're a towing professional, part of a road construction crew, or emergency personnel, the Traffic Commander is your partner in promoting safety on the road. Made in the USA and backed by a two-year warranty, invest in the Traffic Commander today and start safeguarding lives.

- Dimensions: 62"W x 26"T x 6"D
- Weight: 134 lbs.
- Wiring included: 12V 20 12 ga. power and ground wires, 16 ga. red switch wire
- Wireless operation with pre-programmed tablet included
- 4 bolt installation. 3/8" hardware not included
- 4 LED bricks with field replaceable capability
- Legible from 1,000 feet, visible up to 4,000 feet
- Weatherproof with weeping holes and powder-coated black aluminum frame
- Vibration resistant
- Pre-loaded message library
- MUTCD Compliant and meets CA Title 13 general requirements