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SafeAll Tie-Down Strap with Twisted Snap Hook

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Introducing SafeAll's Replacement Tie-Down Strap with Twisted Snap Hook—a dependable choice for those seeking a robust and enduring connection for their equipment, vehicles, or freight. Featuring a resilient twisted snap hook on one end and abrasion-resistant webbing, this strap is engineered to thrive in the most challenging conditions, ensuring your load remains securely fastened with peace of mind.

Available in two lengths, the reflective webbing boasts high-quality construction. Its abrasion-resistant properties guarantee durability against wear and tear, while the twisted snap hook, crafted from robust metal, ensures steadfast performance. This blend of materials delivers a strap you can rely on to safeguard your load with confidence.

Designed to surpass industry safety standards, each strap undergoes meticulous testing to ensure it can effectively and reliably secure your cargo during transportation. With this strap, you can trust that your valuable cargo is in safe hands.

- Lengths: 14', 18'
- Width: 2"
- Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs.
- Twisted snap hook
- Abrasion-resistant webbing
- Finished edges
- PVB coating
- Reflective properties

  • SA-TDS-14TS
  • SA-TDS-18TS