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SafeAll Tie-Down Strap w/ D-Ring

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Introducing SafeAll's Tie-Down Strap featuring a robust D-Ring—a reliable and convenient solution crafted to replace worn or damaged tie-down straps. Precision-engineered and built for longevity, this strap guarantees exceptional strength, durability, and ease of use for all your load securing needs.

With its sturdy D-Ring, this tie-down strap ensures a secure attachment point for your vehicle, facilitating effortless connection to anchor points and providing a versatile and resilient securing solution. Its steadfast design instills confidence that your load will remain safe and secure throughout transportation.

Boasting a Working Load Limit of 3,300 lbs., this strap is available in six lengths, catering to various applications. Whether you need a shorter length for compact vehicles or a longer one for larger trucks, our range of options ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to secure vehicles of diverse sizes with confidence and ease.

Designed with finished edges and enhanced visibility through reflective properties, this strap is constructed with abrasion-resistant webbing shielded by a PVB coating. This high-quality material is engineered to withstand road conditions, guarding against damage and ensuring the strap's durability. Its abrasion resistance is essential for maintaining the strap's strength and reliability over time.

- Six lengths: 7', 8', 9', 10', 12', 14'
- Width: 2"
- Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs.
- Attached D-Ring
- Abrasion-resistant webbing
- Finished edges
- PVB coating
- Reflective properties

  • SA-TDS-7D
  • SA-TDS-8D
  • SA-TDS-9D
  • SA-TDS-10D
  • SA-TDS-12D
  • SA-TDS-14D