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SafeAll Steering Wheel Lock w/ Ratchet & Single Hook

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Introducing our innovative Steering Wheel Lock with Ratchet, engineered to prevent front wheel movement during rear towing. With its advanced design and robust build, this lock is an essential addition to your towing arsenal. The integrated ratchet allows for easy adjustment of the straps, ensuring a tight and secure grip on the steering wheel, thus enhancing vehicle stability and minimizing the risk of towing-related mishaps.

Featuring a Lasso Style end that securely loops around the wheel and a Double J Hook that attaches to the seat frame or another sturdy point, this lock provides an extra layer of protection, preventing any slippage or movement during transit.

Crafted from premium materials, our Steering Wheel Lock is built to endure the demands of towing, promising long-lasting reliability and durability. The straps are constructed from resilient materials, resistant to wear and tear, ensuring dependable performance over time. Simple to install and operate, it caters to both seasoned professionals and novice users alike. With its user-friendly design and advanced functionality, this lock offers a dependable solution for all your towing requirements.

Key Features:
- Ratchet buckle for easy strap adjustment
- Lasso-style end loops securely around the steering wheel
- Double J Hook provides additional security by attaching to a solid point