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SafeAll Steering Wheel Lock w/ 2” Cam Buckle & Coated Double J Hook

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Introducing our revolutionary Steering Wheel Lock featuring a 2" Cam Buckle & Coated Double J Hook, designed to elevate your towing process to new heights. Engineered with innovation and precision, this lock guarantees that your towed vehicle's wheels remain straight and properly aligned throughout the towing journey. Our Steering Wheel Lock boasts a sturdy 2" cam buckle, ensuring effortless and precise tightening of the strap for maximum security.

Crafted for durability, our Steering Wheel Lock is built to endure the rigors of towing. The strap is crafted from premium materials renowned for their strength and resilience, capable of withstanding tension and resisting wear and tear. With our lock, you can trust in its long-lasting performance, providing reliable security for your towed vehicle on every trip.

Installing and using our Steering Wheel Lock is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Setup is quick and hassle-free, saving you valuable time and effort. With its intuitive operation, our lock is suitable for professionals and towing enthusiasts alike, ensuring a seamless and worry-free towing experience.

Key Features:
- Robust 2" cam buckle for effortless tightening
- Lasso style end loops for secure attachment
- Coated Double J Hook for added durability and protection