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SafeAll Snatch Block with Chain & Grab Hook

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SafeAll snatch blocks offer versatile solutions for various applications, featuring a single pulley or sheave enveloped by two protective teardrop-shaped side plates. Secured by a release pin with a cotter key, these plates encase the pulley, allowing easy access upon removal for winch line insertion.

These quality snatch blocks, available in SafeAll’s signature green color, boast a Grade 70 30” zinc-plated chain tail connected to a grab hook. Ideal for altering pull angles or enhancing winch capacity, they excel in diverse tasks, including car carrier deck applications.

Each snatch block is dual labeled with its capacity rating and compatible rope size, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Equipped with bronze bushings and a grease zerk, the pulley assembly guarantees smooth operation, regular maintenance, and resistance to rust.

Choose from two sheave sizes and capacities ranging from 2 to 4 tons to suit your specific needs. Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope, these snatch blocks are designed for efficiency and reliability in various rigging scenarios.

Key Features:
- Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope
- Two sheave sizes: 3”-4”
- Working Load Limit: 2 ton-4 ton
- Compatible wire rope size: 5/16”-1/2"
- 30” chain tail with grab hook
- Zinc-plated Grade 70 chain for durability
- Dual labeled ratings for clarity
- Bronze bushings for smooth operation
- Grease zerk for easy maintenance
- Painted yellow for visibility and corrosion resistance

  • SA-SB2T3SC
  • SA-SB4T4SC