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SafeAll Roll King

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Introducing SafeAll's Roll King, the adjustable rollover stick engineered for professional Towing & Recovery Operators to safely overturn vehicles that have ended up on their roofs. Crafted from double-walled steel tubing boasting a robust 112,000 psi, the Roll King offers unmatched stability and safety compared to traditional wooden posts or PVC tubes.

Featuring three securement anchor points, including two chain hooks and a convenient eyelet for the winch line hook, the Roll King ensures secure placement during recovery operations. Even if the winch line goes slack, the Roll King remains firmly anchored by the recovery chains, enabling a single operator to execute the maneuver without the need to re-rig while enhancing safety and efficiency.

With its adjustable design, the Roll King can be set to two different recovery lengths: 36" and 42", accommodating various vehicle sizes and providing the optimal angle for rolling the casualty back onto all four wheels. The claw foot design at the bottom end securely grips the vehicle's frame or rocker panel, preventing slippage during the recovery process.

The Roll King's pyramidal configuration serves as a pivot point, maximizing leverage for the winch line to exert downward pressure and lift the far side of the casualty over. This prevents the vehicle from sliding further on its roof, reducing the risk of additional damage and ensuring a swift and safe recovery.

Key Features:
- Adjustable telescoping stiff leg for rollover recoveries
- Made from durable double-walled steel tubing
- Securement anchor points prevent displacement during recovery
- Removable safety pin for adjustable lengths (36" and 42")
- Claw foot design grips vehicle securely
- One-person operation with remote control
- Safer alternative to wood or PVC tubes
- Compact collapsible design for easy storage
- Powder-coated orange finish for durability and visibility

- Compatible with all types and sizes of passenger vehicles
- Enables one-person operation, eliminating the need for additional personnel
- Ensures secure grip without shifting, even with slack in the winch line
- Prevents chain slips for enhanced safety during recovery
- Convenient storage in toolbox, storage bay, or behind the seat
- High-visibility orange color for easy identification in low-light conditions

  • SA-RK1
  • SA-RK2