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SafeAll Remote Brake Assist

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Enhance the safety of your towing operations and comply with federal regulations using the SafeAll Remote Brake Assist, formerly recognized as the Brake-Buddy. This essential component, installed within the disabled vehicle's cabin, collaborates with the tow truck to optimize braking performance, preserving brake integrity and reducing stopping distance.

Federal guidelines mandate that combination vehicles in towaway operations maintain specific deceleration rates and stopping distances (Sec. 393.52 FMCSR). The SafeAll Remote Brake Assist ensures adherence to these standards by synchronizing brake application between the towing and towed vehicles, thereby enhancing overall braking efficiency.

For easy identification and durability, the brake actuator features a powder-coated safety orange finish. It securely attaches to the brake pedal and steering wheel using claw mechanisms, supplemented by a steering wheel lock to prevent dislodging during towing.

The actuator receives air from the wrecker via a connected hose, engaging brake pressure on the towed vehicle's pedal as the wrecker's brakes are applied. Additional air supply may be necessary for trucks equipped with air brakes to recharge the system adequately.

Avoid the risks associated with towing commercial vehicles without proper braking assistance. Overworked brakes can lead to overheating, premature wear, and potential failure. With comprehensive training, installation and operation of the Remote Brake Assist are straightforward, ensuring optimal safety and regulatory compliance.

Key Features:
- Formerly known as the Brake-Buddy Remote Braking System
- Reduces stopping distance and enhances braking efficiency
- Facilitates compliance with FMCSR regulations
- Powder-coated safety orange finish for visibility and durability
- Includes safety decal and installation instructions
- Requires proper training for operation
- Operates with air supplied from the wrecker (air hoses not included)
- Steering wheel lock (Part #8-R34CH) required for secure attachment
- Covered by a one-year warranty