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SafeAll Car Carrier Proportional Remote Control System

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Experience precise control and enhanced safety with SafeAll's Proportional Remote Control System, designed to streamline car carrier and industrial carrier operations with ease. By simply twisting the handheld remote, tow operators can execute functions such as adjusting bed angles, positioning wheel lifts, or controlling winch speeds with unparalleled accuracy.

The proportional feature of the SafeAll remote system ensures smooth and gradual operation, minimizing the risk of damage to even the most delicate vehicles or specialty equipment. Unlike traditional wireless remote systems with jerky on-off functionality, our system offers feathered control, providing operators with enhanced precision and confidence during operation.

Our state-of-the-art actuator technology incorporates force to neutral functionality, significantly reducing the likelihood of sticky spool valves remaining open, which could potentially cause damage or injury. Unlike other systems, SafeAll actuators automatically apply force to center the control valve and return it to the closed position when the operator disengages the remote, ensuring safety and control.

With a signal range of over 300 feet, the handheld remote keypad keeps operators safely in control while remaining out of harm's way. Bluetooth technology facilitates actuator synchronization and calibration with the keypad, ensuring seamless operation.

Our rollback remote control system comes standard with one actuator, making installation effortless with included mounting hardware. For expanded functionality, additional kits with up to five actuators can be ordered, providing a total of six function capabilities. Plus, if you wish to incorporate more controls later on, individual actuators can be purchased separately and easily integrated with the original remote.

Key Features:
- Precise proportional control for smooth operation
- Rugged and weatherproof actuator design
- Bluetooth technology for synchronization and calibration
- Over 300-foot signal range for remote keypad
- Installation, synchronization, and calibration instructions included
- Durable handheld remote
- Mounting hardware included
- Two-year warranty

System includes:

  • (1) Actuator (Order up to five additional actuators by selecting the desired quantity above)
  • (1) Remote keypad
  • (2) Mounting tabs
  • (4) Carriage bolts, locking washers and nuts
  • (1) Pivot rod with (2) retainers
  • (1) Pushrod clevis and (1) snap pin and (1) jam nut
  • (1) C-bracket with (2) U-bolts and nuts
  • (1) 9V battery
  • Junction Box is NOT Included
  • SA-RCS-1
  • SA-RCS-2
  • SA-RCS-3
  • SA-RCS-4
  • SA-RCS-5
  • SA-RCS-6