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SafeAll 4 Point Tie-Down Assembly with Basket Straps

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Presenting SafeAll's 4-Point Tie-Down Kit, meticulously crafted to offer a reliable and hassle-free solution for your car carrier securement needs. This ensemble comprises four basket straps and four standard ratchets, delivering exceptional strength, durability, and user-friendliness for securing your vehicle during transit.

True to their name, the basket straps included in this kit are tailored to fit over most passenger and light-duty truck tires. The 2" wide webbing is abrasion-resistant, ensuring enduring performance even in challenging environments. With these straps in place, you can entrust that your vehicle will be firmly held, preventing any shifting or damage while in motion.

Each strap is paired with a standard ratchet, enabling effortless tensioning and swift adjustment. The ratchets ensure a tight and secure hold, providing a comprehensive and dependable solution for securing most vehicles on your rollback from multiple anchor points. Count on this assembly's robust construction to instill peace of mind throughout every towing operation.

With a Working Load Limit of 3,300 lbs. per strap, this 4-Point Tie-Down Assembly is engineered to endure. The reflective webbing boasts finished edges to withstand cuts and tears, while the heavy-duty hardware is designed for repeated use. Additionally, the PVB coating provides resilience against grease, grime, and harsh road spray.

- Four (4) Basket Straps
- Four (4) Ratchets
- 2" wide webbing
- Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs.
- Abrasion-resistant
- Finished edges
- PVB coating
- Reflective stitching