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he BRAND NEW innovation AirBar from Nuvech is a clever safety device to enhance operator protection. The AirBar is a system mounted to each corner of a vehicle. It uses compressed air to inflate into a horizontal barrier which creates a safe working area for the operator, thus reducing the risk to the live lane worker.

The barriers are stored in a concealed housing and are deployed by a variety of means, including remote key fob, PTO or a button in the cab, meaning that the driver can step out of the cab into an immediate safe working area.

AB/1R-KIT: Includes 1x right, 1x receiver, 1x controller, 1x gps, 1x regulatorOn inflation, the AirBar will form a visible protrusion from the side of the vehicle at the front and rear to provide an area of reduced risk for the driver to work in. It is flexible so the driver can walk through it, but rigid so it will hold its form. LED lights are also be fitted to enhance the AirBar’s visibility to passing road users.

The AirBar system has been designed to be compact when not in use, but highly visible when deployed.

There are sadly too many recorded fatalities in the recovery industry, in addition to numerous injuries recorded as drivers fail to give sufficient room when passing operatives working at the side of and in the road.

Using the AirBar system increases visibility to any approaching Vulnerable Road Users, allowing them time to react and to slow down or move over.