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4 Point Soft Tie-Downs with D-Rings

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Enhance the safety and security of vehicle transportation with SafeAll's 4-point Tie-Down System. Tailored specifically for securing vehicles onto car carriers or trailers, this comprehensive system comprises four 12-foot D-Ring straps and four standard ratchets with chain tails, ensuring peace of mind throughout transit.

Crafted with 2-inch wide webbing, our straps prioritize durability. The abrasion-resistant material guarantees longevity and resilience, even under challenging conditions, ensuring reliable performance with each use. Count on our straps to provide a sturdy foundation for securing vehicles securely to your carrier.

Engineered to meet stringent standards, the heavy-duty hardware included in our Tie-Down System delivers superior strength and reliability. D-Rings serve as secure anchor points for the straps, while standard ratchets with chains offer exceptional tensioning capabilities, allowing precise adjustment for each vehicle's security.

Like all SafeAll straps, our 2-inch wide straps boast a PVB coating, offering resistance against grease, grime, and road spray. Finished edges resist cuts and tears, while reflective stitching enhances visibility in low-light conditions. For convenience, a carrying case is included to keep all components organized.

- Four 12-foot D-Ring straps
- Four standard ratchets with chain tail
- Length: 12 feet
- Strap width: 2 inches
- D-Ring end
- Working Load Limit (WLL): 3,300 lbs per strap
- PVB coating
- Finished edges
- Abrasion-resistant
- Reflective stitching